Thank you, Lee for creating a fun and engaging class! This was my first class I took through edtechnology specialists and I have loved the experience. I knew a little about Genius Hour before starting the class, we called it Wonder Projects last year, but I also knew there was a lot more I could learn by taking this class. I have had many colleagues ask about different platforms and rubrics they could use for class projects, and my principal would like for me to have some PD on the topic of Genius Hour in a future staff meeting. I am a true believer that students should have ownership in what they want to learn about, but it’s difficult for some, especially our younger students, to know where to start or how to narrow their thinking and stay on track. This class gave me the knowledge to get my first graders focused on their very first Genius Hour project, and I have to say it was eye opening! Thank you again for giving us a multitude of avenues to explore and begin using in our classrooms immediately. This class has made a difference in my teaching.

~Theresa Meyer

The best PD we’ve had! I have already used many of these games in my classroom. Padlet and our class Smore are working well this year.

~ Jaclyn Andrejko

Each session was informative and new! I loved trying new things that I can immediately apply to my classroom. I can’t wait to try the idea of Genius Hour!

~ Melissa Averaimo

Wonderful! I love your style and you are filled with great information that is easily accessible.

~ Alison

Amazing! Useful resources and tools and he gives us the time to try them out before moving onto something new.

~ Ashleigh Longo

Your workshops were great! I would love to find out more about Genius Hour. I loved the Breakouts.

~ Desiree Karroll

I very much enjoyed these PDs. I found them to be very informative and useful. I liked that I was given tools that I could immediately implement in my classroom and also use in the future.

~ Jaclyn