App Smashing For Educators: Leveraging Tools to Maximize Communication

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Parent-teacher communication has always been a cornerstone for success in education.

For decades, schools have attempted to build and maintain this crucial bridge to lasting learning. Research shows that the stronger the connection between home and school, the greater the academic achievement can be for students.

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Snow Day/Winter Recess Learning – Five Interactive Presidents’ Day Activities

Remind Graphic

This winter I used Remind to send parents and students notifications of extra-credit learning tasks I had posted on my class blog. I encouraged students to continue learning when school was not in session. The list below is just one example of these interactive activities.

1.  Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads – For Advanced Middle School and High School Students


Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads is an educational game based on the traveling exhibition Lincoln: The Constitution & the Civil War, which debuted at the National Constitution Center in June 2005.

via Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads.

2.  Kids Portrait – George Washington: A National Treasure – For Elementary Students


via Kids Portrait – George Washington: A National Treasure.

3. Presidents’ Day Exclusive Videos from – For all students

Since my students are off this week, I embedded this video on my class blog with a short response writing task. I then sent a Remind notification to parents informing them of this extra-credit opportunity.

via Presidents’ Day Videos

4. PBS KIDS GO! WayBack – Presidents: The Secret History – For all students


via PBS Kids

5. Presidential Trivia  – For all students


Presidents’ Day Quiz for Beginners

President’s Day Quiz for Experts

First Ladies Quiz

via Fact Monster