10 Strategies to Ensure Success in School, Work, and Life

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1. DON’T Accept the Default

  • Seek out an option that is BEST for YOU.
  • Make it your mission to fight: “We’ve always done it this way” thinking.
  • ALWAYS find a BETTER way!


  • Remind yourself that failure is an important part of learning. FAIL FORWARD!
  • Understand the power of positive self-talk. Change your words; Change your mindset.
  • Look to examples of famous people who failed multiple times before achieving success.

3. Be so GOOD They Can’t Ignore You

  • Do MORE than the default – Arrive early and stay late!
  • PRACTICE what you don’t know. WORK on your weaknesses.
  • Be AVAILABLE at ALL times!
  • Volunteer for everything.
  • CRUSH the competition!

4. NEVER Stop Learning

  • Embark on self-directed, passion-based professional and personal development.
  • Listen to podcasts, view webinars, and READ whatever you can get your hands on.
  • Become an expert in your field at your own blistering speed. “The standard pace is for chumps.” Kimo Williams
  • Curate and share content with colleagues/friends.

5. CREATE as Much as you Consume

6. SHOW your WORK

  • Brag about your successes, your creations and your workplace on social media.
  • Don’t hold back because you worry that it’s not good enough or original enough. “To be original, you don’t have to be FIRST, you just have to be DIFFERENT and BETTER.” ~Adam Grant
  • Create a website, a digital newsletter or a YouTube channel to spread the word.
  • As a job-seeker in the new millennium, you are your own personal brand. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to promote yourself.

7. Establish a POSITIVE and PROFESSIONAL digital presence for yourself

  • Understand that your digital footprint (tattoo) is permanent and you have total control over the content you put out there. So keep it positive and appropriate!
  • THINK before you POST!
  • REMEMBER that employers will VET your social media accounts.

8. GET Connected

  • Discover the VIBRANT community of AMAZING professionals on Twitter. Follow hashtags! This has been a true GAME-CHANGER for me! I’ve learned more on Twitter in months than in years of traditional PD.
  • Grow your PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network).
  • Go to meetups, conferences, and workshops (the topic matters less than the people you connect with).


  • Keep a journal and or blog about your successes and failures in school and the workplace.
  • Take pictures, make “Best of” slide shows, and share your work: product and process.
  • Keep a digital portfolio of everything you do with your students.
  • Digitize your resume using apps like Smore/Canva and continually update it.


  • and you will rarely be disappointed!

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