Stretch Student Collaboration Skills with Breakout EDU


The physical and virtual escape games build valuable 21st-century skills. Here’s how it works:

There is a new platform for immersive learning games that’s taking classrooms across the world by storm. Based on the same principles as interactive Escape The Room digital games — which challenge players to use their surroundings to escape a prison-like scenario — Breakout EDU is a collaborative learning experience that enhances critical thinking and creativity while fostering a growth mindset in students.

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Stretch student collaboration skills with Breakout EDU | eSchool News

End-of-the-Year Confessional


I have a confession to make…

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m NOT happy the school year is almost over.

I want to keep teaching, coaching and learning.

I still have things to do, teachers to coach,

I have new tech tools to try, and more classrooms to visit.

I LOVE my teaching job,

Especially my new role as an instructional coach and teacher leader.

After 27 years, I still feel so fortunate to be in the education profession.

I don’t HAVE to go to work, I GET to go to school.

I’m so grateful for this!